Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunny Daze - beautiful cosplay!

Today I can't get over this "everyday"-style cosplay of Sunny Daze by the german cosplayer Canary.  I absolutely adore renditions of ponies (or any other non-human characters) that are simple and everyday, yet still honor the character.  It's really cool to see some love for the G3 line, which seems to have been forgotten between the fervor for FiM/G4 and the insistent nostalgia for G1.

And of course, Sunny's my favorite G3.

I wish the wig had more vibrant colors, but I know from experience that it's hard to get a good, strong color when you're dying wigs!  My favorite little detail is her nail polish colors.

My favorite photos under the cut.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I've wanted Kimono since I started collecting.  But I missed out on all the first main eight ponies except for Sunny Daze when they first came out.  I wasn't seriously considering collecting yet and by the time I was, these guys weren't on the shelves anymore.  Kimono got released once or twice during the G3 run, but never in her proper pose.

By the time I really looked into getting the first main eight, Kimono was going for well over $10.  It might even have been more, my memory's getting fuzzy in my old age.  And I couldn't justify it.  Well, I just got ahold of her from another collector for $4.  Even the once-popular G3s have gone way down in value :\  But to my benefit, I suppose!  I wish I'd looked into acquiring her sooner.

While the G3s aren't my collecting focus right now ("right now" being the last few years and onward), they're also rather cheap at the moment.  Everyone's either into FiM or nostalgia-bombing on G1, so G3's gotten a bit forgotten in the fandom these days.  They're going for so little since all the collectors got them as they hit the shelves.  I have a lot that I want to unload, thinning the G3 herd and all, but I'm happy to use them as trade bait or just to sell very cheap to friends.

But anyway, Kimono. 

I don't even like purple very much.  But there's something gorgeous about Kimono.  Her pose is one of my favorites in the G3 line.  I do like purple and yellow together.  The particular shade of her mane is a purple that I do rather like.  And her green eyes are such a nice touch, such a great pop of a new color in there, that she's just overall very beautiful and simple.  I dig that in a pony.

Now I believe the only pony from the first main eight that I still need is Sweetberry.

Welcome to Belle Valley.

Welcome to one pony collector's little corner of the internet.

I kept a pony collecting journal in the past, but it's long lost to the sands of the internet.  You can read About this site for more information on what this blog/page/site thing will be all about.  A lot of pages are still pretty under construction as my ponies still need to be unpacked after our recent (ish) move.  In the meantime, I'll be blogging now and then!

Not sure how regularly this will be updated.  Especially since I'm not in a constant state of collecting fervor and go for long periods without being on the forums, touching my ponies, photographing them, buying new ones, whatnot.  So there might be long hiatuses here?  Not sure yet.  Maybe actually having my G1 collection living with me now will keep ponies on my mind more and therefore I'll update more?  Time will tell.