About me

My real name is Maureen.  I am currently 30 years old, and was born in 1985, right in the middle of the original My Little Pony phenomenon.  I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.  I like to draw, look at ponies, and eat noodles.  I have an awesome husband, C., who won't let me sell my ponies when we're short on money because he loves that they make me happy.

I pulled out my old ponies in 2003 to look up their names online (I only knew Sundance and Bubbles) and found out that the G3 line was just coming out.  I ran out to buy Sunny Daze, a friend sent me four G1s from her attic, and the rest is history!  I collect off and on in spurts, though the first couple years of collecting was when I amassed most of my collection.  I got most of the G3s that I wanted when they were in stores and am focusing on my G1s right now.  I'm not really into G4/FiM but I am grateful that MLP finally has a good cartoon that stands on its own.

You can find me on the Arena and Trading Post as Lockette.  But tbh I only venture in once or twice a year for short periods, then vanish again.

Sunny Daze is my favorite G3 and I have too many favorite G1s to even list.

I run g1mlp and g3mlp on Tumblr.  They're fuckyeahs and usually post at least once per day!  My personal tumblr is froth.

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