Saturday, September 20, 2014


Here's everyone!  Sorry about the Instagram shot, I really will have to unpack the fancy camera soon here. :p

My collection.. actually.. seems very small to me displayed this way.  

I have the G1s two rows deep with risers, since they won't all comfortably fit in a single row.  And I'm going to need to do my G3s two rows deep as well!  I don't like how they look on top of the shelf like this (I'd rather put my few small plushes and large accessories/playsets up there - things I don't mind gathering more dust!)  I don't want to display them much lower on the bookshelf though, because the cat will play with them.

So.  Eventually we'll get another bookshelf like this.  I'm not actually liking the glass-front hutch for ponies these days, it's not as bright as I'd like.  Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy having all of my collection together again* but I'm really dissatisfied with the display at present.

I'm liking this setup though:

Not crazy about the G2s in the castle windows, though.  I like my collection displayed in rows, lined up, shelves looking full.  Like a "proper collection".  I'm not a fan of the more organic/natural look for pony displays, where they're all like in little scenes and such.  It's cute for photos but I like whne collections look like collections.

Once I move some things around I think the G2s (and two G4s) will have a nicer, cleaner display.

** I DONT KNOW WHERE MY SEAPONIES ARE.  I only have two, but one is Celebrate with all of her accessories and she wasn't with my pony bins at my mom's house.  I'm really mad about it - she was minty and with all her accessories and I got her for a good price!  I have no clue where she is.