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NOTE: I am soon getting new shelving for my collection, hopefully in July '15.  Here is the current setup as well as some older photos!

current setup

shot of the nursery & castle

Here is my current setup for my collection!  The G1s are two-deep in the cabinet, very closed-in.  Makes my collection look tiny!  And I don't like how my G3s need to be stacked at the top, they're just asking to get all dusty.  But I can't put them on lower shelves or the cat may be tempted to play with them. :p  So I'm getting some more ideal shelving soon.

old collection shot (2009ish?)

I currently have around 250 ponies in my collection.  I still need to do a proper count.  I collect G1 and G3, and I'm trying to focus mostly on G1 these days.  (I have maybe a half-dozen G2s/G4s and don't count them into my collection)

Most of my collection was amassed between 2004 and 2007 or so.  Since the initial buzz of collecting has worn off, I go through spurts during the year, once or twice having a month or so when I add to my collection and participate on the major collectors' forums.  Though I maintain my pony FYs on Tumblr and occasionally post about ponies year-round!

Condition-wise, I look for ponies that look near-mint on display.  Even if there's stray marks on her body or writing under her hoof or a haircut...  If she looks really good on the shelf, she's good enough for me!  Also she should photograph well, as ponies are my favorite thing to take photos of.  There's only a couple of ponies that I'd like to upgrade.

I also collect Sunny Daze items and merchandise!  I have all five issues of Sunny as she's my favorite G3.  (I can't pick a favorite G1)

Eventually I will have nice shots of the whole herd and posts about some of my favorites, but in the meantime please enjoy this photo of my childhood herd:

my childhood herd
I had 23 ponies growing up, not including my petite ponies.  Nine of those were my sister's and I'm slowly replacing them for my own personal collection (I would never take childhood ponies from someone, although we fought about sparkle Baby Firefly).

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