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I created this blog/page/site thing as a hub for my pony collecting nonsense.  I randomly post about it to my Tumblr, I'll occasionally tweet about it, sometimes I comment on the major collectors' forums, and I run two FYs on Tumblr.com that are pony-centric.  But I don't have a central place where I babble about collecting and whatnot to my heart's content.  Once upon a time (around, oh 2006ish?) I had a pony collecting journal on GreatestJournal.  They went out and I didn't get a chance to save my content, and I haven't kept a collecting blog since.  Until now!

Belle Valley isn't primarily a blog, though.  I'm in the process of making a lot of individual permanent pages with personal information and thoughts.  Blog posts will be an additional feature of the site, but not the main point of it.  (Well, it might turn into that in time. We'll see how it goes.)
  •  All the permanent pages are listed in the sidebar under MENU.
  • If you want to browse blog posts by topic, check the tags/categories under SORT BY.
  • Of course there's a list of all blog posts in chronological order under ARCHIVE.

The name Belle Valley is what I call my little herd of created ponies (which you can read about in Original Characters if you're so inclined).  The name is actually nicked from my elementary school (Well, one of them.  We moved a lot when I was little.)  I thought it sounded like a swell place for ponies to live.  And, well, I needed a name for this page.

If you'd like to contact me about this page for some reason, shoot me an email at sunnybunch@gmail.com!

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