Monday, January 4, 2016

It's been almost a year...

... but here's a teensy update.

I knew I'd be bad at keeping up this blog but I didn't know how bad!  it's currently early January 2016 and I last updated April 2015. :(  As a small apology to any hypothetical readers, here is my lovely lady that came in the mail today, plus the one pony I got for Xmas!

Lemon Drop has been pretty high on my wishlist for a long time <3  I've had trouble finding an auction for her (bc I'm lazy I tend to just go to eBay instead of directly with other collectors) that is a decent price and also has a matched head/body.  This girl tends to have discoloration mis-matching.  I have seen so many auctions for her on eBay and Etsy where she's a fair price but with a differently-colored head from her body!  She just arrived today and tbh I had totally forgotten that I bought her, so she was such a blessing for me today.  I'm feeling pretty crappy today and I admittedly cried when I opened her.

so much plaid in my life...
I don't know if you've ever bought from spoosh* on eBay but I've always been very very happy with the ponies I've bought from him!  And I've gotten a fair bit in the last decade.  The prices are possibly arguably a bit high but not for my tastes -- I'm always willing to pay more for nice ponies!  And his auctions are always so reliable!  I know for a fact I've bought my G1 Parasol and G3 Sunny Daze I from him (I'm sure there's more that I forget) and they were exactly as described, so I recommend his auctions!  

Anyway, Lemon Drop is from spoosh* and I am so, so happy with her. <3

Mirror Mirror is another beauty that I've always admired.  Something about her soft coloration has always appealed to me.  I think (??) she's the only magic message pony that I've really desired.  Her symbol is in a state that is mostly the default but does show a bit of the princess in the mirror.  It doesn't show well in this picture and I haven't tested it with my thumb, but if I apply a fair bit of auto-contrast you can see the princess!

can you see the princess hidden in the mirror...?

Okay, admittedly it works nicer on Instagram.  

I haven't checked her non-display side, which I've only just learned has a witch instead of princess!  I will have to get properly edited shots of both her symbols.

I really want to work on growing my G1 collection in 2016.  I've been collecting since at least 2004 and am still lacking in a lot of basic wishlist ponies.  So hopefully I'll grow my collection a good amount this coming year :)