Monday, February 17, 2014

New home for my G1s.


Apologies for the sad phone picture, but I finally have most of my G1s in their new home!  

There's quite a few missing.  Namely my Year Ones (Cotton Candy, Minty, and the other collector ponies) as well as most of my Year Twos (Applejack, Firefly, Majesty, etc).  When I grabbed my G1s from my parents' place last August, I noticed that the first half of the top row was developing some mold (this kind).  I think it started from FF Butterscotch but it went down to Majesty! (they were lined up more-or-less in order of release)  So they're still in baggies, probably a dozen ponies.  I need to research how to take care of it; I've used bleachwater in the past but half of them have glitter symbols. T___T

I'm also missing about a half-dozen or so that were on display at our old place (these guys were all at my parents') and are still in a box somewhere... I forget where I packed them. ;__;  When I do get them unpacked I'll probably have to find a new spot for the Sunny Daze shrine (and put the two other G3s I have here with it)

I have a fair bit more Sunny Daze merch, but in August I finally got the fifth release of her, so I have each of her brushable releases!  It's taken me enough years.

It's nice to have almost all of them all out, finally, though.  Now I can hopefully get around to grooming them; they looked good before but they've been in storage for six months or so and their hair's all flat and sad LOFTY'S FACTORY CURLS  /mourns softly  Seriously though, I think I'll feel better when I get everyone together.  I can really feel the incompleteness. :P

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