Thursday, July 10, 2014

WIP - new collection setup

My poor G3s have been packed up since the middle of May and we didn't get our furniture until three days ago, so I finally got them out of the dreaded plastic tote.  I've been concerned about mold and pony!cancer lately so I really wanted them out and in the open air.

Today I finally cleaned up the boxes and whatnot in the study enough to make room to unpack them!

While I'm using the same glass-fronted hutch I housed them in at our last place, I'm making tons of changes to my display.  I'm going to hopefully unpack my Dream Castle and Nursery, which I hope will juuust fit on the top.  The plan is to squeeze as many of the babies as I can into the open Nursery playset, and fold Dream Castle so it houses Majesty, Spike, and the winger ponies.  The adults will be in the hutch, as seen here, two rows deep to maximize space, with risers in the back rows.

The tall bookshelf to the right will have my G3s on the top four or five shelves (to keep them out of the cat's reach) but I won't be bringing them home from my mom's for another month or so, most likely.  The Sunny Daze shrine will go there, as well as my half-dozen G2s and two G4s.

I can't believe how much space I have in the hutch now that I took out my childhood ponies and the babies!  Especially without risers in the back row, it makes my G1 collection look tiny!

There's empty spots in the top front for Powder and Trickles who are currently en route to me.  All the babies are on top except for the sparkle babies and the Apple Delight family (I want to keep those sets together).

For the curious, I order my ponies more-or-less chronologically and more-or-less by sets.  Basically just however they "feel right", with some vague reasoning behind it. :p

The top is very temporary, basically just shoving everyone else up there.

The white shelf is something I found for a dollar at a garage sale that I'm going to hang on the wall.  On it are my childhood ponies. (missing are the adult ponies that belonged to my sister, though I do still have her babies here.)  I'm going to get upgraded collector pieces of most of them (probably all but the Sippin' Soda pony, Strawberry Scoops, because I don't actually like her as a collector... I could just never part with my childhood one).  Some of them are near-mint but I don't want my childhood ponies as part of The Collection, so I'm still going to upgrade/replace. (obviously this isn't a super high priority)  The Powder and Trickles that are on their way to me are actually minty upgrades for The Collection.  I'm actually really excited about upgrading their place in The Collection, because both of mine are in sorry shape, especially Trickles.

The small wooden shelf will go with the G3s on the larger shelf.  I'll probably keep my G2s, G4s, and G3 Breezies on it.  For now it has Majesty and Spike as well as my wingers and lone flutter pony, the Sunny Daze shrine, and the couple G3s I bought while living at our last place.  On top is a custom of my main pony OC, Lockette, which was a gift from a dear friend - she'll get her own post eventually.

So!  Once I get my playsets and my G3s brought home, I'll have a new post with the (hopefully) final display, and The Collection will be all together for the first time in four years!

PS: I had a helper today, of course.

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